Saturday, June 21, 2008

Process Stories: Can Rudd run an office?

Today the Weekend Australian is leading with the chaos in Kevin Rudd's office, targetting in particular two 28 year old aides, Lachlan Harris his Press Secretary and Alister Jordan his deputy Chief of Staff. It'll be interesting to see if Harris in particular is able to hang onto his job given that this is not the first time that he has become the story.

This confirms the general sense that the wheels are falling off the government here in Australia but the story itself feels somewhat beaten up, relying largely on bruised feelings in the press core(!) and the public service, most reported anonymously.

George Megalogenis is providing the most effective critique of the Rudd government's obsession with the news cycle and failure to provide true leadership and develop long term policy. His article today has this remark:

To a visitor from outer space, it would be hard to distinguish the job description of prime minister today from that of a talk show or game show host. The PM is a regular fixture on radio and television, where no topic is too small for him to discuss. He offers cash prizes to listeners and he sweats on the weekly ratings.


Terence said...

hhhmmm...I'm not sure I'd trust the Australian's reporting on the Rudd government. Nevertheless, I was in Canberra recently and the gossip was that Rudd's staff were suffering from burn out resulting from his unrealistic expectations and the workloads generated by these.

Andrew D said...

The Australian definitely has some political biases, but outside their right wing commentators these biases seem to be mostly towards whoever has power. When Howard had it they were pro-Howard. They got to like Rudd a lot really fast when get came into Government.