Friday, June 13, 2008

Good News on Nuclear Waste

Who wants nuclear waste in their back yard?

This is a classic situation of an issue that is framed utterly incorrectly in the press.

For perfectly good reasons activities in hospitals, universities and mines, to name three, result in the generation of small quantities of low level nuclear waste. At least in Australia, these are often stored on-site, often with inadequate records being maintained. In a couple of cases I know of storage has been in rooms that were the site of minor accidents that no one has been able to find money to clean up.

This is the status quo.

For more than a decade the Australia Federal Government has been offering to collect this waste and store it safely at a central facility. Do you think they can get the thing built? Why would anyone rather have the waste lying around hospitals, universities and work places?

I like Martin Ferguson more and more since he seems to be pushing this issue forward.

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