Saturday, June 21, 2008

Annette King sups with the devil (well actually just Roger Douglas)

I am very much enjoying Michael Bassett's engrossing account of the Fourth Labour government. When I am finished I will write something serious about it.

In the mean time though, given that I keep hearing rumours that Annette King might be the next leader of the Labour party, I'll just say that my favorite gossipy revelation so far is the dinner that Douglas, Bassett and King had early in 1990 to discuss the possibility of Douglas taking a larger role in economic policy and remaining in Parliament. Given Bassett's high regard for King one has to wonder if he is doing her any favours by mentioning this! (It's page 527.)

(Actually in the gossipy revelation stakes it's a close run thing between that and the Defence minister snorring though a Cabinet discussion of the ANZAC frigates purchase.)

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