Thursday, December 11, 2008

Select committee terms of reference

It seems that since the order paper was published earlier in the week the following clause has been added to the terms of reference for the climate change select committee

identify the central/benchmark projections which are being used as the motivation for international agreements to combat climate change; and consider the uncertainties and risks surrounding those projections

Good on you Rodney! And a great performance on Morning Report this morning, arguing as usual that there is no rational evidence for human impacts on global temperature.

Some would call this arse-backwards when many years of scientific observations and modelling have led the world's climate scientists to exactly the opposite conclusion. But as we all know the entire scientific community has been captured by an unthinking infatuation with Al Gore who invented the idea of climate change (along with the internet) while conspiring at the UN to institute a world socialist government back in the Clinton Administration.

Seriously, this clause is much better than the original one in the confidence and supply agreement. It should be possible to get reputable scientists and economists to greatly enlighten the committee about the observations and projections that form the basis of international concern on this issue. It is also true that there are uncertainties and risks in our current knowledge. Many of these are on the "down-side" as John Key would say.

The previous demand for opposing views on the science was merely an invitation for poorly credentialed cranks to waste the select committee's time.

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