Saturday, August 30, 2008

Did she act fast enough?

It's inexplicable to me that the announcement that Peters was to be stood down from his Ministerial responsibilities while the Serious Fraud Office investigates his party's finances was allowed to miss the early evening television news bulletins.

Perhaps though there is hope that this move will in itself be enough staunch the bleeding.

Against that however, is the very good hand that John Key has been dealt in this affair. I've never understood the attraction of John Key but in a series of media performances, presenting his increasingly definite stand on Peters, he has for the first time appeared Prime Ministerial. There's not a lot of appeal in giving "I know our policy but if I told you I would have to kill you"-type interviews. The Peters scandal has finally given him an issue on which he can appear decisive and show leadership. He's been very wise to remove the ifs and buts and ands from his stance, it should be a vote-winner.

The anti-Peters vote is very much larger than the pro-Peters vote. Key's next move should be to attempt to identify a vote for Labour as a vote for Peters.

The Labour leadership should be moving this weekend to head off such an attack.

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