Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rudd commits to ETS?

There are now several pieces in the Australian press suggesting that Rudd is now doubly committed to the ETS and willing to abandon petrol populism and tell the electorate some home truths. For example this from Dennis Atkins.

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Steve Withers said...

Yet again the so-called "left" ends up being the careful, prudent party that looks into the future.....while the Tories pander to ignorance and look at the wallets of their wealthy supporters and ask how high they need to jump to sell out the future.

The North Pole will likely be ice free for the first time in millenia later this year. Given the overwhelming evidence for climate change, why are Tory parties almost uniformly deceitful and self-deceiving?

It is part of the conservative brain to deny reality in favour of self-serving beliefs? Is that the shared root with religion?

Research needs to be done in this area.